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Children - Building A Base of Love

PromoCares Story - Mark Godsey, Gold Bond

3/30/2018 | PromoCares Contributing Author, PromoCares

Help, Hope, and Healing. The 3 part approach provided by the CACHC which is the Children’s Advocacy Center for kids that have been affected by alleged abuse and neglect. This center of help, hope and healing located right in little Chattanooga, Tennessee.

In 2014 childhelp.org reported that state agencies alone estimated 702,000 victims of child maltreatment. This is the equivalent of 10 football stadiums packed full of mistreated youths. It goes on to state that we lose an average of four to seven children a day to child abuse and neglect. A truly gut-wrenching statistic.

Although father to two furbabies, Mark Godsey, President of Gold Bond Inc was touched by the story of the Children’s Advocacy Center while attending a charity concert by Vince Gill. From that day forward Mark was committed to being involved. His own personal hope was to help and heal the youth of his hometown Chattanooga community.

Gold Bond printed and donated numerous items over the years that would be passed out over a series of events to help start the conversation. To help spark the awareness and inspire others to get involved. Passionate about the cause, Mark Godsey also orchestrated his own charity event to give back to CACHC. A lover of boating, Mark invited all of his friends from around the country to come to Chattanooga and participate in a powerboat fun run. An uplifting 3 day event, each entry fee and donation captured went to the Children’s Advocacy Center. 30 families of powerboaters sprinkled across a dozen different states made the commute to rally around and support Mark’s passion for the Children’s Advocacy Center and bring even more attention to this truly special cause.

Still intent on driving change Mark, dove into his own business with 300+ employees. Spilling awareness inside the walls of Gold Bond, the company also had over 100 employees volunteer and support a walk for the Children’s Advocacy Center named OUT RUN ABUSE. Creating multiple promotional items and bringing everyone together, Mark wanted each participant to see how real this cause still is. His goal is always to bring more awareness to child abuse whether inside or outside of Gold Bond; through monetary donations or even simple informational cognizance. Each person’s understanding could potentially help save a precious child from being abused or neglected. Check out the video below to see how Gold Bond and CACHC are impacting lives.

If you would like to get involved with CACHC, report alleged abuse or learn more about the center please visit their website at http://www.cachc.org.

Mark Godsey is President of Gold Bond Inc. and is passionate about how Gold Bond can pave the way to bring awareness to an inspiring cause. Since Mark purchased the company from his father Don Godsey in 2008, Mark has always been devoted to giving back to his community. With hundreds of thousands of dollars being donated over the years, Mark's passion sits inside his community of employees and the city of Chattanooga. Godsey always aims to encompass his favorite biblical verse: Hebrews 13:16 "Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God."

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