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Seth Godin, Marketing Expert and Author

They discuss his new podcast and new book "This is Marketing".

11/7/2018 | Kirby Hasseman, Delivering Marketing Joy

Kirby Hasseman is the owner of Hasseman Marketing and the author of Delivering Marketing Joy (a book about better promo!). He is dedicated to personal development and building the integrity of the promotional industry. He can be reached at Kirby@HassemanMarketing.com.
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Bill Petrie from PromoCorner

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Kirby Hasseman

Dana Zezzo from American Solutions for Business

They discuss his new position and the difference between being a supplier and a distributor.
Kirby Hasseman

Meghan Kory from Hit Promotional Products

They discuss what it's like to be a rising start and work in the same industry as her dad.
Kirby Hasseman
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