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Picks of the Week

3/14/2022 | PC Contributors, Picks of the Week

kathryn kaufmann
Authentic Creations

Car Phone Mount 
Lincoln Line #CPH490

  1. Dual padded car vent phone holder
  2. Adjustable arm allows the mount to fit comfortably on a variety of dashboards
  3. Rotating ball joint allows for multiple viewing angles
  4. Fits devices up to 4.5" wide and comes equipped with rubber grips
  5. Each piece is individually polybagged

With the rise of traffic accidents, you want to be a part of the solution, not the problem. The best and safest way to chat and drive is using the Car Phone Mount.  Not only will the highway be in front of the driver, but your company logo--imprinted on the bottom of the mount--will be as well. The adjustable arm allows the mount to fit comfortably on a variety of dashboards and the rotating ball joint allows for multiple viewing angles. Each piece is individually polybagged…and that beats a body bag any day!

ben macdonald
The Ad King

Emergency COB Flashlight Multi-Tool
Hit Promotional #7200

  1. 9-In-1 Emergency Tool
  2. Push Button To Turn On/Off
  3. Steel Pointed Head To Shatter Glass Easily
  4. 3 AAA Batteries Included
  5. 3 Different Light Settings – High, Low And Flashing
  6. Includes: COB Flashlight, Seat Belt Cutter, Window Breaker, Flat Head Screwdrivers, Bottle Opener, Hex Wrenches, Knife, Phillips Head and Scissors

I love this product! It has resulted in many repeat orders. I personally carry one of these in my truck! It has ALL the tools you might need and more. From the seat belt cutter, window smasher, the multi tools, and the different lights settings this makes for PERFECT item to keep on hand!

nadav raviv
Amplify Marketing

Absorbing Car Coasters
HPG Brands

  1. Absorbent ceramic coaster will absorb moisture and condensation
  2. Fits most cars, vans, trucks & SUV cup holders
  3. Beveled edges allow for easy remove from cup holders
  4. Easy to clean

One of my absolute favs! they soak up the sweat from your SWEET TEA in the South and don't leave that dirty film in the bottom of your cup holder. These are a great thank you or customer appreciation gift for car dealerships, automotive repair shops, drive-thru restaurants, insurance agencies, car rental companies, car washes, or auto detail businesses.

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Picks of the Week
PC Contributors

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Picks of the Week
PC Contributors


Picks of the Week
PC Contributors
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