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3/13/2023 | PC Contributors, Picks of the Week

kathryn kaufmann
Authentic Creations

Custom Hemp Plastic CR Jar - 4 ounce
Cannabis Promotions

  1. Biodegradable Container
  2. Child-resistant
  3. USA Made
  4. Made from sustainable hemp plastic
  5. Fits up to 4.5 grams of flower or 4 fluid oz

As the research reveals the benefits from hemp, the demand for cannabis increases. With that comes the need for proper storage. The Hempak Container is not only air-tight and child resistant, it serves as a quality product for stowing cannabis, creams, gummies, CBD and other items. If that isn’t sufficient, this biodegradable USA Made jar also allows for a full-color direct imprint or a label. 

ben macdonald
The Ad King

Plastic Grinding Chamber
Wow Line #CBS3

  1. Come in green, clear, blue
  2. Great giveaway for medical marijuana dispensaries
  3. Durable teeth for a smooth grind

This plastic grinder has durable teeth and makes for a great giveaway at your local dispensary. This product is a great giveaway for the ever growing cannabis industry.

nadav raviv
Amplify Marketing

EMT Easy #BOL250

  1. Sturdy aluminum bottle opener with black finish
  2. Includes split keyring and versatile alligator clip
  3. Bottle opener includes a full color imprint with poly dome
  4. Perfect for cannabis dispensary and brewery branding
  5. Handy, light weight, and versatile function

Im not saying that I do, but if I did... this would be a must!!! drink a little drank, smoke a little smoke!!! This two in one combo is perfect for a good time!!!

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