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Grace, Mercy and Peace

If there was ever a time to practice grace, it would be now!

8/13/2021 | Paul Kiewiet, Pursuit of Purpose

If there has ever been a time for us to exemplify and practice grace, it would be now. I need to encourage grace from others and practice it for ourselves. The definition of grace is poise, elegance, forgiveness or a blessing. An example of grace is letting go of a past wrong done to you. The definition that I had learned was that grace was undeserved favor or not giving one what they may deserve (for a wrong). Another way that grace manifests is through second chances.

Today, across all industries, supply chains have been disrupted because of a worldwide pandemic that has closed economies around the globe. Inventory levels minimized by the downturn cannot be refilled due to a higher level of demand occurring at a faster pace than anyone had planned. Transportation and logistics have been disrupted. Workforces were laid off and not been available for immediate replacement. Demand now not only outpaces demand. It outpaces production capacity.

So how about you start practicing a little grace with your suppliers. Do you really think that they want to disappoint you? Do you think they are intentionally missing deliveries? 

With all of the changes we’re all experiencing in this moment, we can also expect to make mistakes either through omission or mis-steps. We will, our supply partners will and our clients will. Mercy is defined as showing compassion, empathy or forgiveness toward someone whom is within your power to punish or harm.

Instead of immediately jumping on your online gossip groups to rant and complain, why not attempt a little mercy? Try to understand what went wrong. Open up the communication and speak with the principals and your reps to work at keeping the relationship alive. Challenges can be great catalysts for growth and true partnership.

Partnership is a term we love to banter about when everything works and everything clicks. Partnerships are built by working through problems and challenges together.

What’s in it for you? Peace. Forgiveness is not something you do for someone else. It is something that you do for yourself. Learning to take a breath, to mindfully practice grace and mercy, you’ll discover peace. 

Personal peace means harmony with yourself and others. It chases away stress. It refers to an inner calm despite the presence of  stressors. (No shortage of those today!). Peace requires deliberate choices on your part. The processes to facilitate personal peace are:

• dialogue

• deep listening

• valuing 

• and trust.

Assume positive intent from others. Understand the stresses that others are under right now. Live your grace, show mercy and enjoy the peace you discover.

Paul Kiewiet MAS+ is an industry speaker, writer, consultant and coach. He serves as the executive director of MiPPA. Kiewiet was inducted into the PPAI Hall of Fame and the MiPPA Hall of Fame. He served as Chairman of PPAI in 2007. A former distributor, he founded Promotion Concepts, Inc in 1982 and worked with some of America’s most valuable brands including Coca-Cola, Kelloggs, and Whirlpool.
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