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Road Tripping

Picks of the Week

6/5/2023 | PC Contributors, Picks of the Week

kathryn kaufmann
Authentic Creations

The Ultimate Travel Buddy
Sprinters Advertising #PH1317

  1. Use on the go, at home, and in the car
  2. Handles 100-125V and 220-250V
  3. Recharge your USB-compatible device via the attachable USB port

We can unplug without losing our connection. With 2 USB ports, built-in international plugs, plus a surge protector, the Ultimate Travel Buddy allows electronic devices to charge anywhere in the world! Whether on the road or that highway in the sky, you won’t lose touch with your best companion—the Ultimate Travel Buddy.

ben macdonald
The Ad King

20 Qt. Otterbox Trooper Cooler
Hit #35020

  1. 2-Inch Wide, Padded Carrying Strap
  2. Keeps Ice For Up To 3 Days
  3. Durable Tpu Coated Nylon Exterior Is Water, Puncture, Uv And Chemical Resistant

Pack your bags and this cooler on your way out the door. The ice in this cooler lasts so long you won't need to refill it while your driving that open road!

nadav raviv
Amplify Marketing

Mophie® Powerstation Go Rugged AC
PCNA #7124-17

  1. Works as a power bank with dual USB-A outputs, a 65W AC port and a floodlight
  2. Includes jumper cables that can jump start a full-sized truck
  3. LCD display to show remaining battery life and the current voltage

This amazing POWER pack is a must have when humping it on the road. Strong enough to jump start your car and keep your phone charged for days, it literally saved my speaker from dying during our kickball tournament last night!!! MUST HAVE!!!

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Picks of the Week
PC Contributors


Picks of the Week
PC Contributors

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Picks of the Week
PC Contributors
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