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Things that Warm the Heart

Picks of the Week

2/12/2024 | PC Contributors, Picks of the Week

kathryn kaufmann
Authentic Creations

Ember Mug
PCNA #1600-60

  1. Smart LED indicates when beverage has reached its perfect temperature
  2. Built-in Auto-Sleep function intelligently senses when to turn on and off
  3. Can maintain your perfect temperature all day

No matter how cold it is outdoors, pouring coffee, tea, or beverages into an Ember Mug can keep you warm all day. It allows an exact drinking temperature ranging from 120°F - 145°F (50°C - 62.5 °C) on the actual mug or with the Ember app. The Smart Mug even has a built-in auto-sleep function that brilliantly detects when to shut on and off, and the Ember Mug maintains the temperature chosen for up to 1.5 hours when off the charging coaster. How cool is this “Hot” item!

ben macdonald
The Ad King

Cuisinart Cleanburn Fire Pit
Gemline #102100-047

  1. Enjoy the warmth from this smoke-less fire pit
  2. Easily move the fire pit with the integrated handle, conveniently located in the lock-in base
  3. No need to purchase a special type of wood, this works with standard wooden logs

Grab a book, a cup of coffee, or your favorite adult beverage and warm up next to this fire pit. This firepit makes for the perfect way to warm up without smelling like smoke. This will certainly be a crowd pleaser all year!

nadav raviv
GBS Corp

Luxfur blanket
ProTowels #LUXFUR-5060

  1.  Luxurious high-pile faux fur blanket is unmatched in luxury and softness
  2.  The plush feel and look of this blanket make this the perfect gift for anyone
  3.  Trimmed with a concealed zipper hem in corner with a high-pile finish.

Nothing I hate more than a small blanket that doesn't cover your toes or all the way up to your neck... snuggle game just leveled up with this super soft and large blanket from ProTowels. Not only does it cover your entire body, its also super soft!!! Grab one today, your toes will thank me!!! 

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