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Why Creating a Personal Brand is Vital

How to Ensure Customers See You Personally as a Terrific Brand

6/4/2024 | PromoJournal Staff, Now Trending

Doubtless, you've heard of business branding, where you give your business a backstory customers can relate to and make your product or service attractive to them. But have you thought about personal branding? Ensuring potential customers connect to you as an individual is as important as creating an advertising hook for your business.

Why creating a personal brand is vital

If you've ever watched shows like the United Kingdom's Dragon's Den or America's Shark Tank, you'll have seen how entrepreneurs' likability and professionalism help them find investors. The more charismatic and believable the entrepreneurs, the more likely they are to garner financial assistance, expert advice, and endorsement.

The same goes for attracting customers to your business and gaining support. As long as you come across as skilled and likable, providing that your business is sound, people will want to use your services or buy what you offer. 

Branding yourself is significant whether you need to find investors, sell merchandise, or promote your business in any way. For example, you might want more eyes on your business blog or to persuade a larger, more successful company to recommend your business or even partner with you. If so, it's time to consider yourself a brand, like you do your actual business, and figuratively sell yourself.

But what if you're not confident or knowledgeable about self-promotion? Take into account the fact that you've been in sales your entire life. As a kid, you peddled your ideas about needing a specific brand of sneakers or gadgets to your parents. Your business success now depends on polishing those sales skills so you can sell yourself and make a positive impression. Here's how.

How to dress to impress

People often have faith in authority figures. It's instinctive. Doctors, for instance, are given kudos on autopilot because they wear white coats and carry stethoscopes. Likewise, pilots, dentists, and veterinarians are recognizable as experts in their respective fields by how they dress, and their dress codes are part of their business branding.

Dress for business, too; people will assume you're proficient and will not hesitate to become customers. Not doing so could reduce your success, even if you're skilled. So wear attractive clothes that suit your line of work. 

Why you should tell your story

Stories appeal to the human mind. After all, who doesn't love a terrific tale? That's why individuals read books and watch movies that stir their souls, touch their hearts, or thrill them. Beyond the surface of human consciousness lies many symbols and metaphors that people connect with because they provoke emotional responses. 

When you tell a story about what prompted you to choose your business, you speak the same language as the unconscious. The tale you tell reveals your enthusiasm and journey as a specialist. The bottom line is that people will warm to you and associate your narrative with your professionalism and value. Remember, your stories make you likable and forge a link between you and colleagues, customers, and potential investors.

Make a point of using winning body language

The words you choose when talking about yourself and your business matter, but bear in mind that how you speak counts, too. You can use appealing non-verbal communication during meetings, for example. 

Use your hands as descriptive tools, let your passion show, and recognize that little gestures like smiling and eye contact influence how others see you. Similarly, lean toward the person you converse with when they speak and tilt your head to the side to indicate you're listening. Demonstrating engagement and interest in these ways will ramp up your likability.

Be sure to tell people about your USP

Let people know your USP (unique selling point). Anything exceptional about you and your business will help as part of your branding. For example, maybe you go that extra mile to satisfy customers, or your product is superior to others of a similar type on the market. Explain what makes your business and approach outstanding. If you can't think of anything, perhaps you need to go back to basics and analyze what makes you passionate about your work. 

Whatever fuels your enthusiasm probably links to your USP. For instance, if you created a product to fulfill a need, your selling point could be to be of service to the world. Or you may have seen people struggling with an inferior product or service on the market and created your own as a solution. If so, your business solves a problem, and that's your USP.

Be wise and market yourself as an expert in one area

You might earn your income using several skills. However, market your best. For instance, fixing garden fences and mowing lawns may provide a small amount of revenue if you have a gardening business. But promote your talent for landscaping if you're brilliant at landscaping. Once you begin work on clients' gardens, they might ask if you offer other services, and that's your cue to mention the skills you haven't revealed.

Consider what you do that's uncommon if you aren't sure which skill to market. For instance, many people fix fences, but few have redesigning expertise. Capitalize on your finest talent and become your client's first port of call when they need a particular service.

Why charging for your expertise counts

Don't undercharge for services. Otherwise, customers will imagine you're not good at your job. After all, why would an expert charge less than the going rate? Many people offer poor service for low pay, and you'll be associated with them if you don't charge what you're worth.

Sell yourself, and you'll gain customers. Even people you meet socially will remember you and may employ you if you speak passionately about your business and talk about your unique selling point. Become known as the master of your trade by creating a personal brand, and clients will see you as their go-to expert.

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