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40 Name Brands Merch Buyers Should Consider

Is your favorite included on this list?

3/29/2023 | Taylor Borst , Taylor's Take

Brand names are easily one of the top requests from many buyers in the market for branded merch. It should come as no surprise as our industry continues to align closer and closer with retail trends…not to mention the results of social media influence. Brand names are also a beacon of safety and security. When other factors of life are unstable, a reliable name brand doesn’t need to prove itself once trust has been established. 

Here is my 100% totally biased and unhinged opinion on the best brands to add to your merch offering: 

  1. Adidas
    A tried-and-true classic for the ultimate athletic vibe.

  2. Allmade
    Need t-shirts that are incredibly soft, comfortable, and save the planet? This brand uses less water than standard production and are made with recycled plastic bottles. 

  3. Bella+Canvas
    You can always count on Bella for fashion-forward, trending styles that look good and feel cozy. 

  4. Berne
    One of my favorite workwear brands that should be getting more recognition. It’s a high-quality and durable line.

  5. BOSE
    If you’re in the market for high-end technology, this is a widely-known and trusted brand that’s been around for years.

  6. BruMate 
    Summer is calling, and BruMate is ready to party. This is a brand that has skyrocketed over the last few years in the drinkware space. I also highly recommend following them on social media.

  7. Carhartt
    This brand is experiencing quite a “glow up” in recent years. No longer is Carhartt considered just a workwear brand – it’s become a hot streetwear brand among Gen Z and Millenials.

  8. Camelbak
    Prominent among hikers, cyclists and skiers, this line conveys a feeling of adventure.

  9. Champion
    The 90s are back, baby! Champion has ridden the overarching nostalgia wave we’re seeing on a wider scale. They’ve brought back apparel styles that are reminiscent of the past and added an exciting modern flair.

  10. Coleman
    You can practically smell the campfire and hear the rushing water of a river when you hear this name. Coleman is built for outdoor adventures with their drinkware, coolers and accessories. 

  11. Comfort Colors 
    One of my favorite t-shirt lines! It’s something about the pigment dyed, slightly oversized and heavy-blend cotton that makes this a go-to, staple piece.

    Simply beautiful. That’s really the best way to sum up this sleek line of quality, elevated drinkware.

  13. Cotopaxi
    This whimsical line of colorful bags also has a powerful mission – promoting sustainable practices, supporting 1% For the Planet and is carbon neutral.

  14. Cutter & Buck
    This sporty line is the perfect combination between active and preppy. With so many style options and colorways, selecting the right piece is always within reach.

  15. DRI DUCK
    A balance of workwear + lifestyle, DRI DUCK has apparel and accessories that communicates a rugged, yet style-forward line.

  16. Ember
    A “Smart Mug for Smarter Mornings” is a hot retail brand especially perfect for gift giving and employee appreciation. This technology allows the user to keep liquids temperature-controlled within the vessel.

  17. Glyder
    This luxury athleisure brand hit my radar about a year ago and I’m in love. Glyder’s high-end hoodies, leggings, tops and accessories equal (and possibly surpass) non-industry brands like Lululemon.

  18. Hydro Flask
    Another adventurous brand that you simply cannot go wrong with. With tons of drinkware styles and colors available, good luck choosing just one!

  19. JBL
    One of the most trusted speaker brands in the world, you can’t go wrong with JBL.

  20. Jansport
    Another brand revival! Jansport brings a classic, nostalgic feel to the table.

  21. KNOSS
    An up-and-comer that might not be on your radar yet. They are a collision between a workwear and athleisure line. Be sure to check out their waterproof styles!

  22. Leatherman
    My husband owns too many of these…they must be good.

  23. Marmot
    Beauty, style, exploration. Marmot is outdoorsy, yet sleek and sophisticated.

  24. Nike
    Just do it. It’s one of the most famous brands on earth…enough said!

  25. The North Face
    Another incredible high-end outerwear company to add to the mix. This is a great fit for corporate programs, education market and in the resale space.

  26. Otterbox
    “Otterbox is more than just phone cases?” YES!! This is such a common question and the promo crew at Otterbox is doing a great job educating the masses. In my opinion, they have some of the best name brand drinkware in the industry.

  27. Owala
    I’m obsessed with this line of drinkware. My friend is a nurse and bought this for me at retail two years ago (which rarely happens) and it’s been my emotional support water bottle ever since.

  28. Pelican
    More fantastic drinkware and coolers! These high end pieces look awesome and be sure to check out the decoration methods available to really make messaging pop.

  29. Post-It
    Tons of custom options to choose from and perfect if you’re looking for a brand on a budget.

  30. Ray-Ban
    If you’re working in this budget range, Ray Ban is one of the most well-known and trusted sunglasses brands.

  31. Richardson
    Need a hat you’ll know everyone will love? Richardson.

  32. Sharpie
    When you think of a permanent marker, you automatically picture a Sharpie, right?

  33. Stanley
    I almost didn’t include this since it’s been saturating the market with the infamous Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler. Regardless, it’s still performing extremely well and I think the brand’s resurgence will continue to resonate.

  34. Stormtech
    This might be my favorite outerwear brand. Thoughtful design, beautiful pieces and high quality gives you the complete package. I’m perpetually cold and live in Minnesota – this is a brand I know will always keep me warm.

  35. Sun Bum
    Summer is just around the corner! Staying safe from the sun is so important – a trusted name like this will add even more reassurance.

  36. S’well
    More incredible drinkware to consider. Be sure to check out their new dipped metallic line – so pretty!

  37. Swig Life
    This drinkware line features some gorgeous finishes. Check out their pattern options as well as their golf ball-inspired styles too – perfect for spring!

  38. Thermos
    Do I have too many drinkware lines on this list? Don’t care. Thermos has been around since 1904 and has build incredible brand loyalty in that time.

  39. Uni-ball
    A great option if you have champagne taste but are working with a beer budget! Uni-ball feels incredible to write with and offers sleek options.

  40. Vineyard Vines
    Incredibly popular on the East Coast and Southern US, this brand gives you a preppy, clean-cut vibe.   

As we know, generic or non-brand products play an integral role in our branding strategies. However, knowing when to pull in the trust, clout and comfort the brands create can elevate your messaging and experience. 

Taylor Borst is Sr. Director of Marketing & Vendor Relations for American Solutions for Business. Joining the print and promo industry in 2015, she specializes in social media, promotional products, and supplier relations. Taylor is currently a Sous Chef with PromoKitchen, board member for UMAPP, on the PSDA Emerging Leaders Committee and is an advocate for education and youth involvement in the industry. Connect with her on Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn.
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