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Are You Sourcing for Holiday Now?

5 Reasons Why You Should Be

8/30/2023 | Taylor Borst , Taylor's Take

In most areas around the country, temperatures continue to swelter as if we’re still in the peak of summer. But it’s time for a reality check. The holiday season is literally just a few months away and it’s time to get moving on brand strategy for the gifting season. 

Here’s why: 

1. Create more meaningful complexity.

With time on your side, you have the opportunity to consider adding additional elements to elevate your impact. This might include custom kitting, running a social media campaign, digital media (like QR codes and NFC), drip marketing (emails, direct mail, product) or printed assets. Give yourself time to be strategic and intentional this year to get the results you’re aiming for. 

2. Go full custom overseas. 

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with a solid logo imprinted on a product. In fact, it’s our bread and butter. But it can be so much more than that! Branded merch can be created as a completely customized project overseas to bring your unique vision to life. These projects can be completed in anywhere from 15 to 120 days, depending on product specifications, quantity, location, and other contributing factors. Bottom line…you need enough time to keep this option on the table. 

3. Avoid inventory challenges.

Don’t let someone else snatch up the hottest products before you can get to them. As an industry, we’re in a much better inventory position than in past years. However, it’s inevitable that the some of the most sought-after product and color options will go out of stock if you wait too long.

4. Steer clear of the shipping influx. 

Every year, logistics companies like UPS, FedEx, and USPS experience additional pressures around the holidays. This year is no different. Once it’s in transit, there’s very little control we have over the package’s destiny. Especially if you’re dealing with a hard deadline, don’t risk it if you don’t have to. 

5. Why rush? 

Give yourself the gift of time (and peace of mind) this year and avoid the mad scramble and unnecessary anxiety that comes with making last-minute decisions. The holiday season often comes with enough personal stressors…why add business pressures on top of that? 

The holiday season can often be the most important time of year for many organizations to make a lasting impact. It’s the time to show gratitude, support and identity for the employees, customers and partners that serve as valuable stakeholders. When gifting is executed half-heartedly, it’s obvious – and can actually hurt your brand. Let this serve as a call to action. Get these conversations and orders rolling now (September/October) for optimal results that will serve you long after the tree and lights are put back away in storage.

Taylor Borst is Sr. Director of Marketing & Vendor Relations for American Solutions for Business. Joining the print and promo industry in 2015, she specializes in social media, promotional products, and supplier relations. Taylor is currently a Sous Chef with PromoKitchen, board member for UMAPP, on the PSDA Emerging Leaders Committee and is an advocate for education and youth involvement in the industry. Connect with her on Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn.
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