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Let There Be Light

Picks of the Week

3/4/2024 | PC Contributors, Picks of the Week

tim hill
Cornerstone Promot'l Products

Twilight Toque Beanie With Led Light
Debco-Canada #WC9692

  1. 3 light modes at the touch of a button
  2. USB rechargeable LED light
  3. Show off your brand while keeping warm

I love this item! The light always points where you look! Great hands free item to use for running, walking, hunting and camping (Late night bathroom treks IYKYK)

rich graham
Big Promotions

Fabulous Fake Flameless LED Candles
Brighter Promotions 

  1. Can be left "burning" for hours without the risk of fire
  2. Comes in three different sizes
  3. Perfect for luminaries, holiday decorations, weddings, and homes with small children

These flameless LED candles offer the look of real candles without the risks, lasting over 20,000 hours with easy battery replacement. They perfectly set the mood, and flicker like real candles. Available in three sizes, with customization options available. 

katie kahler, CAS

reNew Rechargeable Cob Magnetic Light
HPG/Beacon #L292COB

  1. Bright COB light with four light modes: 100% long hold, 60%, 30%, and flashing
  2. Built in 500mAh rechargeable battery and comes with a charging cord
  3. Multiple hands-free options: carabiner, magnet and easel.

Small enough to hang on your belt loop, the cob light is powerful enough for any job! Help show your customers how versatile your team is with this product. The carabiner, magnet, and easel allow for multiple hands-free options and angles. My favorite feature is that there are no batteries required, so the recipient will keep it longer and use it more often! Recharge for 1.5 hours of light on the brightest setting.

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