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Rallying for a Cause

Putting Differences Aside in the Name of Good

5/10/2022 | Roger Burnett, CAS, The Burn

Together through PromoCares, our industry was able to raise $55,000 for Save the Children, a boots-on-the-ground non-profit organization working to deliver aid to those affected by the humanitarian crisis that is unfolding in Ukraine. While the amount raised is remarkable on its own, what's even more impressive was the speed with which we were able to raise it, two weeks total.

Suppliers from across industry segments came together to donate their products and services at every step of the production and fulfillment process, and in a couple of instances, direct competitors worked in tandem to ensure that every penny raised was donated to the cause. It was truly a landmark moment in our industry's history, and I was honored and humbled to be a small part of this gargantuan effort to confront that which is impossible to ignore, a war raging an entire world away.

It truly was one of the proudest moments of my career to hear Dale Denham remark about the way PromoCares has established itself as a trusted resource for the industry and how our efforts to establish thought leadership around PromoCares key pillars of focus align with PPAI's 2022 release of its' most recent strategic plan (read it here, and I'm hopeful that these collective efforts will continue to elevate the perception of our marketplace relative to the other ways businesses might spend their marketing budgets. If you'd like to hear the entirety of the discussion dedicated to our #Ukraine4GOOD campaign, please follow this link to register for the streamed version of the interview

Much is left to do, but we've been able to prove that merch is capable of being a tremendous instrument for good. As is always the case, demand drives activity, and the explosion of demand for businesses to articulate their position on things like the environment, their hiring practices, and how they are participating to the benefit of their community doesn't show any signs of being a fad. Knowing that, the pace of announcements from suppliers on these topics requires near-constant coverage by media outlets interested in keeping up as that same explosion in demand is driving factories to explore ways to meet it. 

Are YOU participating yet? 

If you'd like to find a place to immerse yourself in content specific to how you might start (or improve) your own mission to show the good behind your brand, PromoCares has a vast library of content at your fingertips. Since the earliest days, PromoCares volunteers have dedicated significant, meaningful time to highlighting and championing businesses using their efforts as superpowers for social good. We assigned talented interviewers and have taken great care to document and share those stories. We've visited with hundreds of companies in our industry to learn their stories and advocate for increased industry awareness of those efforts, and those efforts ultimately became the framework for the book Red Goldfish Promo Edition; How Promotional Products Leverage Purpose to Increase Impact, which was released in fall 2020. 

These days, we've turned our attention to bringing attention and fundraising power to advocate for causes our board cares about, and we have more fundraising campaigns in development. If you're moved to participate, if you're inspired to surround yourself with some of the most caring, talented do-gooders you'll ever meet, we're opening the doors to volunteering in the categories of Events, Marketing, Membership, Partnerships, and Website. There are ambitious plans in the works for PromoCares future, and those plans will see us searching for many more caring hearts, willing hands, and talented brains. 

The African Proverb says: "If You want to Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want to Go FAR, Go Together" 

My favorite personal quote is: "If you surround yourself with inspirational people long enough, sooner or later you're bound to be inspired. It's like osmosis."

I couldn't recommend a better crowd to try and go far with, and the inspiration I've received in my time inside this movement has made me a better person in all facets of my life. If that's something you seek as well, I look forward to our opportunity to explore that future together. Feel free to contact me or any other PromoCares Board member for more information! (PromoCares Board members include myself, Danny Rosin, David Shultz, Karie Cowden, Mandi Rudd, Denise Taschereau, Meg Erber, and Scott Pearson).

By the time you'll read this, I will have crossed my 52nd birthday. Thanks to all of you who've played a part in my life, I'm thankful for all of you (even the ones I never hear from).

Roger has spent 20+ years making complex concepts more understandable for both buyers and sellers alike, and has devoted the majority of his recent career to injecting purpose via philanthropy to his sales and marketing efforts. He’s intent on making the world a better place and his nirvana exists at the intersection of Mission, Passion, Profession and Vocation. He loves the outdoors and seeks memorable experiences whenever possible. Contact Roger at or 810-986-5369.
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